The following is a list of Officers and Directors of the Company, their stock issuance for services, and their biographical information.

Paul Webb, Chairman/CEO

Jerry Green, VP of Production

Robert D. Smith, VP of Sales

George A. Mattmiller Jr., VP of Concept Development

Raul Balderas, VP of Business Development

David Shonfeld, VP of Operations

Ron Filsinger, President – HCN Canada

Mr. Webb will receive 1,000,000 Shares of stock and George Mattmiller will receive 100,000 Shares of stock.  Each of the Vice Presidents will receive 75,000 Shares of stock.

This stock will be given to Management at the completion of the Private Placement Memorandums stock sales.


Paul Webb, Founder, Chairman, CEO – Hollywood Classics Network

Stanley Baratta – National Campaign Executive Director, Pacific Aviation Museum

Wayne Beaird – Retired successful businessman and formerly CEO of four major corporations

William Cardie – CEO, Seawave Consulting – Investments

Robert Bonito – Attorney at Law



Hollywood Classics Network Inc. was conceived by Paul Webb, who is a seasoned veteran in the broadcast industry in television time sales, production, and distribution. He’s also been an owner/partner of television production studios, and his own advertising agencies. He has produced over 300 television shows, many of which are assets of the Hollywood Classics Network Inc.

Mr. Webb has been involved in the broadcasting industry for many years and began his career in Toronto, Canada as Account Executive for CHCH-TV and then moved to CFTO-TV, the anchor station for the Canadian Television Network, as Account Supervisor.

During the past several years, he has pioneered many innovations, both in the media and production aspects of the business. When he moved to Los Angeles, CA he became deeply involved in television production. He produced the first national television special for “Compassion,” starring DALE EVANS and then a second television special for them featuring PAT BOONE.

Mr. Webb has also worked with both RCA and Columbia Records, testing some national television record offers. He went on to put together a record package with Columbia Records which sold a total of 800,000 records and 8-tracks and won a gold record.

Shortly after his work with Columbia, after spending three years in the mobile television production business, Mr. Webb cofounded the Video Center in Hollywood. In this facility, hundreds of television shows and commercials were produced with such well-known stars as ED MCMAHON, GEORGE BURNS, STEVE ALLEN, GEORGE GOBEL, and KENNY ROGERS, to name a few.

During this time, Mr. Webb produced two hour-long prime time television specials. “The World Full of Music” with JOHNNY MATHIS, LYNN ANDERSON, and FRANK SINATRA JR., and “The Sound Factor” featuring EDDIE MEKKA and many rock superstars.

Mr. Webb is privileged to have had Union University confer upon him the Doctor of Laws Degree in recognition of his accomplishments in the field of communications.

Mr. Webb went on to found Hollywood Pacific Studios, which he continues to operate. Since the launching of Hollywood Pacific Studios, he has continued to produce many television specials, weekly series, videos, and infomercials. Some of these television specials starred ROY ROGERS, CLINT WALKER, ROBERT STACK, RHONDA FLEMING, and EFREM ZIMBALIST JR.

Mr. Webb then produced two new daily half-hour series. The first was “Alive” (130 episodes) featuring SUSAN STAFFORD of “Wheel of Fortune” fame, as host with numerous Hollywood celebrities and many of the world’s most prominent doctors and nutritionists as guests. The second, “Fit for Life” (130 episodes), featured PAMELA CARTER as well as many stars as special guests.

During these years, Mr. Webb was involved in the production of many television commercials with such talents as CHARLTON HESTON, MICHAEL LANDON, JAMES ARNESS, and HARRY MORGAN, to name a few. He was also involved with Doris Day’s weekly show “DORIS DAY and Friends,” featuring many top stars including ROCK HUDSON, LONI ANDERSON, MICKY GILLEY, and TONY RANDALL.

Mr. Webb then produced six one-hour prime time nostalgia musical television specials starring FRANKIE LANE, KAY STARR, JOHNNY RAY, THE MODERNAIRES with PAULA KELLY JR., BUDDY GRECO, and ANDY RUSSELL, along with stars from the Lawrence Welk Show.

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Mr. Green has an extensive background in entertainment, having worked both sides of the microphone and camera.

He began his professional career in the entertainment field at Universal Studios, in Los Angeles California. He became Director of Entertainment and his many duties included hiring, supervising, training and evaluating staff, budgeting, scheduling, producing, directing, monitoring, critiquing, trouble-shooting and program performance. He was also in charge of interacting with unions, vendors and sub-contractors, negotiations, overseeing the ordering of costumes and materials and corporate sponsorship.

Several promotional films and videos at Universal Studios were either produced, directed by, or featured Mr. Green as the on-screen host.

As an entertainer, he hosted over 31,000 live shows. Many of these shows were written and directed by Mr. Green.

When Universal Studios opened in Orlando, Florida, he played an integral role in the planning and development of three of the major attractions. He was responsible for producing, directing, writing and coordinating live entertainment and video.

Mr. Green travelled extensively across the United States and Canada entertaining and promoting Universal Studios and its many films, television shows and outdoor attractions. This included many television appearances, plus radio and newspaper interviews.

He then became Vice-President of New Dawn Productions and was a manager and producer for that company.

Mr. Green moved to Rainbow Creek Productions, and then Park Lane Productions as President/Producer, where he focused on new project development for film and live entertainment. He was charged with setting corporate objectives, as well as overseeing and managing the sales and production staff dedicated to producing shows targeted for cable television.

In addition to the entertainment industry, Mr. Green has also served as CEO SPG/DJ Co-Ops, a California corporation that works extensively with Federal and State governments in the commodity procurement.

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Mr. Smith is a veteran of the television industry with over 20 years experience. He has an entrepreneurial spirit that drives him to start-ups in the television industry. Smith’s penchant for starting and growing new businesses, coupled with his unique knowledge and experience in all that makes for successful television, is an ideal fit to helm the advertising sales efforts of Hollywood Classics Network.

Prior to joining Hollywood Classics Network, Smith ran a sales consultancy based in the Santa Barbara, CA area, consulting with television stations and advertisers to increase sales and advertising effectiveness. Before moving to the Central Coast, Smith was Director of Research for CBS Television Stations, Inc., Sacramento.

In the early 2000’s Smith’s entrepreneurial bent drew him to look for technologies that would enhance television ad sales and he became a pioneer in interactive television advertising with stints at Wink, Inc. (one of the first interactive TV advertising companies), Mixed Signals, Inc., and OpenTV. Smith was also the lead designer of an integrated sales management system for cable television ad sales at CAM Systems, now a subsidiary of OpenTV.

In the mid 90’s, just ahead of the resurgence of country music, Smith formed Manhattan Sierra Entertainment, a production company that brought back country music to America’s TV screens in the form of America’s New Country (ANC). ANC was a weekly country music magazine show featuring interviews, home visits and music videos of country music’s new and upcoming stars.  Many of today’s big name country stars made their syndicated national television appearance on America’s New Country, stars like Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Toby Keith and many more. ANC aired in over 160 Television Markets and Smith landed GMC Trucks as the program sponsor.

In 1989, Smith co-founded Media Solutions, Inc. and was chief architect of the SNAP system. Smith helped to revolutionize syndicated and network television programming and sales research. SNAP, a ratings research and analysis software, was instrumental in helping the fledgling Fox Broadcasting Company grow into a major network. Smith signed them as his first SNAP client in late 1989. Some  SNAP clients included, Paramount Television Group, NBC Enterprises, Spelling/Worldvision, Carsey-Werner Distribution, 20th Century Fox Television, SONY Television, Pearson Television, Western International, ABC, CBS, Viacom Interactive, Warner Bros. Television, Buena Vista Television, MGM Television, WB Network, UPN.

Smith began his career at CBS owned KNX-FM as a music intern, a stepping stone in a career that has taken him from radio to television, from demographic research, to sales, to programming. He has been a local sales manager, sales director, VP Sales & Marketing and President of a production company.

Smith is a graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a BA in Radio-Television-Film management.

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An award-winning writer, George Mattmiller brings 30-plus years of broadcast television station and media-related experience to the post of President/COO for Hollywood Classics Network.  Throughout his career, Mr. Mattmiller has been involved in virtually every phase of TV station management and operations including programming, promotions, sales, marketing, content development, cable relations, public affairs, Federal Communications Commission compliance, production and new business development.

Following graduation from Columbia College – Chicago, Mr. Mattmiller began his TV career in the 1970’s as a freelance writer for KING-TV 5, the NBC affiliate serving the Seattle-Tacoma Designated Market Area (DMA).  There, he was commissioned by the programming and production departments to write half-hour spec scripts as well as provide research support on various projects.  The docudrama he wrote, “A Song for Louisa,” received an IRIS Award from the National Association of Television Program Executives.  He was also employed as a Technical Assistant on large-scale remotes.

In the early 1980’s Mr. Mattmiller served in a number of capacities at KTBY-TV 4 (Anchorage, AK); KEVE-TV 16 (Seattle-Tacoma); and KORC-TV 24 (serving Vancouver, BC).  Duties and responsibilities included promotional strategies for print, radio and TV; reviewing programming contracts; creating local programming; writing business plans; interfacing with engineering and operations; program coordination for syndication companies; and handling FCC compliance.  He also sold time and produced local 30-second spots for the weekly half-hour production “Adventures Northwest” that aired on KSTW-TV 11 in the Seattle-Tacoma market.

Moving into management, Mr. Mattmiller has served in a host of corporate capacities including President, Executive VP, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Station Manager and Secretary/Treasurer.  As Station Manager at KWBB-TV 38 in San Francisco, he built a program schedule with popular public domain movies and big-ticket events like “California Championship Wrestling” while working with local programmers to engage viewers in and around the Bay Area.

At WTVE-TV 51 in Philadelphia, Mr. Mattmiller managed the station’s cable expansion throughout the Delaware Valley into southern New Jersey, resulting in 2.25 million cable/satellite/FIOS households.  This compared to 125,000 households when Mr. Mattmiller started.  He also initiated efforts for the facility to become the first full-power commercial independent TV station in the US to utilize the innovative new digital technology known as distributive transmission, allowing the station to greatly expand its over-the-air footprint.  He was also heavily involved in promotions, working with the largest area newspapers as well as creating local public affairs programs.  Mr. Mattmiller’s exhibit to the FCC regarding WTVE’s meritorious public service was credited as being one of the reasons why Congress enacted the 1992 Cable Consumer Protection and Competition Act (“must-carry”) for all full-power stations.

Mr. Mattmiller built and operated a turnkey full-power UHF station, KVMD-TV 31, licensed to Twenty-nine Palms, CA; he advised owners on an alternative tower site that would allow the station to effectively reach a large part of the Los Angeles DMA (to which it was assigned).  Mr. Mattmiller also served as General Manager at WAOE-TV 59 (formerly UPN serving Peoria-Bloomington, IL) during a very critical time of transfer of control which was successfully executed.  Throughout his tenure at these properties, Mr. Mattmiller has been integrally involved in compliance requirements pertinent to rules and regulations promulgated by the FCC including EEO, political, EAS, children’s programming and various engineering and tower site issues.

During his management career, Mr. Mattmiller has been regarded for his creativity, vision, recognition and innovative skills in implementing improvements to increase station values.

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Mr. Balderas is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Economics. Early on in his career he worked at a ski resort in Switzerland, which helped set the stage for his entrepreneurial future in business development.

After his time in Europe, Mr. Balderas returned to Canoga Park, California to work for Rocketdyne Corporation. Working primarily with the industrial engineering division, he was an integral part of the company’s expansion including planning and movement of personnel, machinery, and facilities to compliment the production and manufacturing process.

In 1964, Mr. Balderas founded a company to write a proposal for the development of a year-round recreational area at Mineral King in the Sequoia National Forest. He was able to use his background in the ski industry to assemble a core team of consultants to help him write the bid. According to the Slim Davis, the Forest Supervisor, Mr. Balderas produced one of the best proposals for the project. Despite being one of the three finalists for the project, the Disney Corporation ultimately won the bid.

Mr. Balderas was, however, able to use the connections he had made with the Mineral King project to found Quadrum United, a film production company located in Hollywood, California. At Quadrum, he served as Vice President of Production and was involved in the planning, budgeting, and production of commercials and limited length films. During this time, he also sought to further his knowledge of the film industry by taking an additional 32 units of film classes at USC, UCLA, and Valley College.

The next few years were spent teaming up with Barney Phillips, the owner of Muntz Stereo and the father of the auto stereo business as we know it today. Mr. Balderas and Mr. Phillips partnered on many ventures throughout the 1970s including the introduction of the first color fax machine. The company, Color Video Fax, in which Mr. Balderas was Vice President of Marketing and Sales, was eventually sold to a Canadian Group.

After his time at Color Video Fax, Mr. Balderas was hired on as Vice President of Operations for Tanner Electronic Systems Technology, a premier designer and manufacturer of electronics for the pay television industry. He was able to use his recent background in film and engineering to help the company grow and was involved in the development of an addressable decoder system for the pay television industry that was eventually sold to Steven Dart of Dart Industries.

Mr. Balderas has been involved in numerous consulting efforts throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Most notably, he consulted with Hollywood National Studios on the formulation and marketing of The National Catalog Network, a TV program much like QVC or the Home Shopping Network but strictly for catalog companies. Mr. Balderas was instrumental in encouraging many of the largest catalog companies in the U.S.—some billion dollar companies—to agree to participate. Mr. Balderas also acted as special consultant to the producer/creator of a proposed game show also with Hollywood National Studios.

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Mr. Schonfeld is an accomplished professional with broad experience and a clear record of success in launching broadcast networks, video-on-demand, program distribution, and multi million-dollar contracts for distribution of entertainment and advertising content worldwide.

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For twenty years Mr. Filsinger was manager of Direct Marketing for the Canadian subsidiary of Western Publishing, publisher of Golden Books. He increased sales from $500,000 to over $10,000,000 in annual sales. This represented almost 50% of the U.S. sales. Profits rose from 9% to 28% annually. He then began marketing a national brand of spring water and very successfully sold it to numerous major food chains in the U.S. This program became so successful that he took the company public on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Mr. Filsinger has been recognized for his contribution over the years to National Direct Marketing and has been featured at conferences and trade shows as guest speaker and seminar leader in both Canada and the U.S.

Mr. Filsinger brings to HCN over 30 years of sales, marketing and management experience. Mr. Filsinger, has served as National Sales and Marketing Manager with the Retail Merchants Association, has successfully developed new programs to increase memberships in the association, negotiated new credit card programs with Pivotal Card Payments with VISA, Master Card and Debit Cards and expanded the coupon redemption business. Prior to this Mr. Filsinger, as an Independent Broker of Print, Laser and Letter Shop, supplied direct mail corporations with print products and services. He was also successful in developing US business opportunities for companies such as BMG Music and Manulife.

He also has had success selling music with aired television commercials, through direct marketing to television viewers. These television stations were located across Canada.

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